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Cheap Stickers (Split-Back)

Any Size Matt or Gloss Paperback Stickers


Custom Size

Use the Height and Width boxes to calculate your sticker size.
Min: (50 x 50) Max: (445 x 315)


All Quantites

Any quanity can be ordered.
The more you get, the cheaper per unit - standard sliding scale.


Supplied Individually

Stickers are supplied individually cut, not as a roll or sheet.
(split back standard to allow easy peel)


Colour to the Edge

Standard with this product.
Please add 2mm bleed to your supplied file to achieve this result.


Product Review

19 Oct, 2020 19:24
Great Customer Service

Special mentions to Tim, Di and Bri at EPrint Windsor who have always gone above and beyond to ensure our orders go smoothly and are exactly what we need. They have great communication with the customer, and put in extra work to make quick deadlines which is amazing - thank you so much!