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Variable Data - where there is more than the one artwork, might be various names on the invitations or separate fronts or back artwork files to fill the order.

We can digitally data merge the names for you if you send us an excel spredsheet with the names or you can send us all names pre - imposed onto the document.

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*Not available on all products, check with ePrint before ordering to ensure we can meet your production time.

Production times commence from the time your Print Ready Artwork is uploaded and paid for online, producing an online order.

Your order will be then ready for collection or ready for dispatch (not delivered) within your selected Production Time frame.

Postage and Delivery times are not included in Production times, these are on top of Production Times.

Please note that we do not have any control whatsoever over actual delivery times as these are conducted via Third Party companies.

However, if your order is urgent or you have deadlines to meet, we recommend sending your own Courier service to collect your order from us, so that you can track your own delivery.

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Notepad Printing

Custom Notepad Printing. ePrint Brisbane, Australia - glued edge notepads standard or custom size

Why notepad printing?

Notepad printing is the easiest way to create tear out sheet books with minimal cost. We simply print your sheets at the desired size, stack them in the leave runs (pages per pad) and glue the top edge.

The fact we print these digitally in house means we can print the page content with individual barcodes, numbering or unique identifier features (variable data). Clients choose notepads as sign in books at a practice for patients or even scorecards.

What are the "leaves per book?"

The leaves per book is simply the page count for each pad. We recommend sticking with the 25pp or 50pp. We offer higher number padding but the thicker you go with your notepad stack, the harder it is for the glue to hold them all together. 

Custom Printed Notepads: Colour or Black & White

Custom print notepads with colour logos or stick to the cheaper black and white option. As stated above, we print digitally which allows us the flexibility to print your notepad order to just about any customised request. 

Our digital printer takes larger SRA3 sheets which helps us print economically imposed sheets keeping the cost low for you. Thanks to this, it means we can accept any size notepad order thanks to our online quote to print system.

We have the ability to offer an online quoting system whereby you can click and order on the same page. Our Instant Price & Online Order calculator, automatically counts the required sheets for your run and only charges what is needed. With this user-friendly feature, you don't have to wait around for a quote response as all print parameters can be adjusted to suit.

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