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Q: What's a Leaflet?    





A: We define a leaflet as a single sheet document.

     This single sheet can however be a double sided sheet, but a single sheet none the less.

     This product is not suitable for multipage files. Leaflets are uncollated & supplied in a stack.

     Laminating Options Available. 


Q: How do I print multipage files?     





A: Multipage documents are under Document Printing.

     Prints come collated/grouped in a stack 1,2,3-end etc.

     Binding & Finishing options are available:

     Coil Binding, Comb Binding, Wire Binding, Folding, Leaver-Arch Folders, Stapled, Hole Punching etc


Q: What file format do you accept?    




A: Industry standard PDF is preffered.

     In saying that, we can convert all WORD, EXCEL files etc to PDF prior to printing.

     We also re-size and adjust supplied files to standard ISO sizes before we press. 


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