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As we use UV ink it will stand up to the outdoor sun but if you add a gloss or matt laminate it will also be protected from scratches and minor bumps


Lustre - Satin finish

Gloss - Shiny finish

Round CornerDie-Cutting
Straight Cut
Round Corner

Please note, this is not for any design work, this fee only covers the following: We will spend up to 15 mins, tidying up your design to ensure we get the best printing result, ie: Adjusting margins, Scaling to correct size, formatting to create print ready files, etc.

Total (Incl. GST) :$ 65.34

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Player Boards (Game Boards)

Player Board (Game Boards)

Custom-made front of player accessory boards for board games and strategy games.

Custom Size and Shape Player Boards (Die Cut)

Our game player boards can be cut any shape or size up to 700 x 500mm. We print these to a vinyl substrate and mount them to PVC board. These can be straight cut with a knife and round cornered or die cut to fit any custom shape provided.

Player boards are typically needed any many table-top role-play games. ePrint have ventured into the game card space and have found our customers screaming out for custom-made accessories to go with their board game products.

Self-published game play is a huge market in Australia and ePrint are proud to expand our product line and services to cater to all types of custom made ideas. The limit to what ePrint game printing can bring is on the limit of the imagination. 



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