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The total amount refers to the total number of units that you require.

ie – If you have 5 variations and require 100 of each variation, total being 500, then you will need to type in 500 as your total quantity.

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Option 1: Foil Only - No print under foil, just the embelishment of your choosing.

Option 2: Foil & Print - Print & Foil do not  overlap. Foil layer & Print layer stay separated on the page.

Option 3: Print & Foil Overprint - Foil elements are done over a background printed colour. 





Envelope Types:

Our included envelopes are plain white and their sizes are based on premade envelopes.

ePrint staff will always choose the best appropriate size envelope to fit your run.

The available premade stock sizes are: C4,C5,C6,11B,DL,5x7,150x150

Custom Size & Stock Coming Soon...

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Invitations Foil

Invitation Printing


Invitations can be printed to standard sizes or custom size.
Just apply your length & width in mm
We Recommend selecting the Velvet Celloglaze as this will give you the best result when foiling.

Fine Lines and Script

Depending on the size of your design, it’s important to understand that there is a minimum recommended size for fonts and other delicate details.

The minimum recommended font sized for most fonts is 8pt and the recommended minimum weight of a line is 1 pt. Hairlines will not work in foil.

The smallest font size we can foil is 8pt for most fonts. We say most fonts, because there is always an exception to the rule. If you are using a font with very thin or has intricate lines you might want to add a stroke or consider another font as the finest detail recommended for foil is 1pt line thickness.

Lines less than 1pt may be used in some cases; however, you will need to accept the risk of unwanted results. Fine details under 1pt may cause the edges of the foiled area to look jagged, have small breaks or inconsistent finish.

Hairlines will not work in foil.

Space it Out

Another design consideration regarding type is to space the type loosely to ensure readability.

This includes kerning and leading. Overall, give the type a little more room to breathe than you would in a piece printed in ink.


Standard or Premium Paper Catalogue

Budget: 200gsm (matt or gloss)



300gsm Matt or Gloss - 300gsm Bristol Bright White

350gsm Gloss or Matt - 400gsm HD Premium


Specialty & Textured Stocks:

225gsm Kraft / Buffalo Board

270gsm Mohawk Superfine Eggshell i-Tone

280gsm or 350gsm Linen Textured

Metallic & Parchment Ranges


Foil Embelishments Available!

Gold - Silver - Rose Gold - Blue - Green - Red

For all our foil options, please see our foil guide:



Custom Shape Printing: Diecutting!

These can also be printed and diecut to any shape.
Simply upload a separate hairline file as your cut shape.

Artwork Templates

Download free templates to assist you in creating your file.

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