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*Black Core - Features a black layer between the white layers to prevent seeing through to the other side and stability while shuffling.


Option 1: Foil Only - No print under foil, just the embelishment of your choosing.

Option 2: Foil & Print - Print & Foil do not  overlap. Foil layer & Print layer stay separated on the page.

Option 3: Print & Foil Overprint - Foil elements are done over a background printed colour. 

Option 4: Metallic Print - Full foil print is layed under printed colour. 

Option 5: Spot Gloss - Single element with a Spot Gloss Flare while rest of print is flat

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Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Printing

Printing Tarot Cards

ePrint are the newest answer for Tarot Card Printing and Oracle Cards Online. Printed currently from ePrint's central hub in Brisbane but ship Austraia wide. 

Custom Tarot Card Deck

Printing with us allows you to custom print any tarot card deck. The three most common decks used in esoteric tarot are the Tarot of Marseilles, the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, and the Thoth tarot deck. 

How do I make my own Tarot Cards?

  1. Choose your card size: Standard tarot card size 7 cm x 12 cm (2.75" x 4.75") or any custom size
  2. Calculate the total quantity of tarot cards for printing
    (Number of Decks x Cards per Deck)
  3. Choose your card stock
    (standard, textured or metallic options available)
  4. Continue to ePrint File Upload Centre or use our Online Design tool (templates available)
  5. Confirm details and add to cart
  6. Select your delivery or pickup option
    - ePrint deliver Auatralia wide and Same Day printing available

Tarot Card Paper Stocks

Standard Stocks:

  • 300gsm or 350gsm (Matt Art of Gloss)
  • 300gsm Bristol Uncoated (Bright White)
  • 400gsm HD

Textured Stocks:

  • 280 or 350gsm Linen
  • Kraft Board
  • Cotton or Eggshell (ultra white or eggshell cream)

Majestic Mettalic range:

Finishing & Embellishments

Celloglaze Coating:

  • Matt Cello
  • Gloss Cello
  • Velvet (SoftTouch) Cello


  • Hot Foiling (Gold - Silver - Rose Gold - Red - Blue - Green
  • Spot Gloss
  • Metallic Background (Usually Silver foil printedbackground with regular print over top to create shining metallic finish.


  • Standard Cut (rectangle or straight cut)
  • Rounded Edge (all four rounded edges or specificy which corners)
  • Die Cut (any die cut shapes including circles shapes)

Packanging & Tarot Boxes to Fit

We offer Tuck Boxes and 2 Piece Lid Boxes to fit your stacks. In regards to the boxes, the length, width and height of the stack will determine the dimensions of the box. This will be calculated for you and we will provide a custom template to fit. This can be arranged prior to order or after.

Time Frames & Delivery

Tarot Cards digitially printed in Australia and can be produced on any time frame. ePrint are an Autralian owned family business so printing profits are kept locally - good alternative to printing overseas from china or elsewhere, smashing production turn arounds by weeks.

Print on Demand Tarot Cards

ePrint are a digital print specialist company and can service any style of printing request. If there is something you feel we are missing from this product, please do not hesitate to email us or call. We chalenge you to challenge us. Lets ePrint today!