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Greyscale (K)
Colour (CMYK)
Greyscale (K)
Double Parallel Fold - 4 PanelsFrench FoldMap FoldHalf Fold - 2 PanelZ Fold - 3 PanelTriFold - 3 PanelGate Fold 4 PanelNo Folding
Roll Fold - 4 Panel
Double Parallel Fold - 4 Panels
French Fold
Map Fold
Half Fold - 2 Panel
Z Fold - 3 Panel
TriFold - 3 Panel
Gate Fold 4 Panel
No Folding

Please note, this is not for any design work, this fee only covers the following: We will spend up to 15 mins, tidying up your design to ensure we get the best printing result, ie: Adjusting margins, Scaling to correct size, formatting to create print ready files, etc.

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Total (Incl. GST) :$ 17.38
Folded Booklet & Rule Sheet

Info Brochures & Rule Sheets

Please use this printing product quote calculator for any size sheet printing.

Once you're happy with your price, simply upload artwork and order below.

Foldable Brochures for Card Games and Deck Printing

Enter the flat sheet dimensions for your brochure or info booklet.

Folding Options

You can order these flat sheet or folded as per the foldable options in the calculator

Playing Card Game Rule Sheets

60gsm white is the best for folding down to fit inside the tuck boxes of your decks.

Foldout Brochure Info Booklet

Best to stick to 150gsm or 200gsm for a slightly thicker stock option, matt or gloss options.


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18 Sep, 2020 21:43
Self Published Tarot Cards

Just a thank you for helping me get then Chakra Wisdom Cards happening. I’m very happy with the outcome and as soon as they are sold I’ll be back for more!@