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Moroccan Canvas Premium is poly cotton blend which is acid free, mould made.

Moroccan Canvas Satin has a micro porous surface with excellent stretch and no cracking.

UV Ink

UV inks capitalize on ultraviolet technology which has revolutionized a number of industries, and rightfully so. UV ink offers profound benefits.

It is quick to dry, highly durable, and sticks to most materials.

It is also very economical due to the fact that all of the ink in the cartridge is used, making for lower printing costs and reduced waste.

Printing is clean and clear, without smudging, and does not fade with time

UV ink is much more environmentally friendly than most other inks at 99.5% VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) free. Consequently, these chemicals are not released into the air during printing, making for a healthier workplace for print company employees.     

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Custom Canvas Prints Brisbane

Canvas Printing Australia

Custom size Canvas Printing Australia

Looking for a custom size Canvas Print for your wall or as a gift? ePrint can help you choose the perfect size and style to suit. Choose from any of our length and width dimensions together to change your aspect ratio to custom fit any wall space. 

Custom size Canvas Printing can be a tricky game, but ePrint can help you discover the best ratio between height and width but also how much to crop off of your photo or artwork design to fit.

Use our custom size canvas quoter to the side to get your best size and price for all canvas printing sizes. ePrint use premium quality inks and canvas stocks when producing custom prints to ensure your canvas's have longevity in the home when exposed to UV and natrual light.

All our canvas prints are mounted and stretched to size with added hanging options on the back and sides for any hang orientation. We offer both a hanging string and side hangers to ensure our Canvas prints are suitable for any wall space.

How do I choose the right size for a Canvas Print?

First of all you need to consider your artwork. Is this a photograph taken by a professional photographer or on a mobile phone? Was it taken with a high enough pixel count high for printing at a larger size? Or is it a piece or digital art to be converted to canvas? What is the image's aspect ratio?

Proffesional Photograph:

Most digitally provided photographs can be used for large photo to canvas printing. Please check with your photogropher first to ensure you have the largest pixel original as they can provide.

iPhone or Android mobile camera Photograph:

Some phone camera setting default to a small size photograph quality to allow lots of shots to be stored on the dvice. This will often display on a small mobile phone screen perfectly fine, but once you try to print them, the pixels are too low to reproduce a high quality physical print. 

Ensure you are taking shots in the highest quality mode for canvas printing.



What is aspect ratio and why is it important?

Aspect ratio is the relationship bewteen the length and width of the image being used. 

canvas printing aspect ratio

aspect ratio & photography.
* = cropping occurs on this dimension









RatioShapeCompatible Sizes
1:1Square(all length and width options can be made in this ratio size)
305 x 305 ; 356 x 356 ; 406 x 406 ; 457 x 457 ; 508 x 508 ; 610 x 610 ; 762 x 762 ; 914 x 914 ; 1016 x 1016 ; 1219 x 1219
 3:2Rectangle(derived from a classic 35mm film camera; standard for modern full frame cameras)
457 x 305 ; 508 x 356* ; 610 x 406 ; 762 x 508 ; 914 x 610 ; 1016 x 610*
4:3Rectangle(SD: commonly known as fullscreen standard definition. easy to use on phones and cameras; also known as 1.33:1)
406 x 305 ; 457 x 356 ; 610 x 457 ; 1016 x 762 ; 1219 x 914
5:4Rectangle(Common in large and medium format photography, and still in common use for prints from digital cameras in the 8"×10" size)
457 x 356* ; 508 x 406 ; 762 x 610 ; 1016 x 762
16:9Rectangle(HD: commonly known as the high definition/widescreen format. fits most computer monitors and modern tv screens; also known as 1.78:1)
508* x 305 ; 610 x 305* ; 610* x 406 ; 762 x 406* ; 762* x 457 ; 914 x 508* ; 1016* x 610 ; 1219* x 762
18:6 (3:1)Panorama(Panoramic shots wider than 16:9)
914 x 305 ; 1016 x 356* ; 1219 x 406