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*Black Core - Features a black layer between the white layers to prevent seeing through to the other side and stability while shuffling.


Option 1: Foil Only - No print under foil, just the embelishment of your choosing.

Option 2: Foil & Print - Print & Foil do not  overlap. Foil layer & Print layer stay separated on the page.

Option 3: Print & Foil Overprint - Foil elements are done over a background printed colour. 

Round CornerDieCut
Straight Cut
Round Corner
$ 0.80
$ 1.20
$ 1.60
Total (Incl. GST) :$ 47.37

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Total (Incl. GST) :$ 47.37
Game Card Printing

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Custom & Personalised Game Card Printing

Custom Game Card Printing for Personalised Card Games

Create your own card game from your own custom playing card designs. All custom Game Cards are printed locally in Autralia at ePrint's central hub in Brisbane. Playing cards for games, playing cards with standard deck faced designs, poker cards, bridge cards etc

We Print from Print & Play supplied pdf's

Many online playing or game card providers offer a Print & Play pdf download deck. You can use our Game Card printing service to convert those home jobs into professional quality print decks. Artwork adjustments would have to be made to the original files to split them as individual pages, but we can help with this step. 

How to make a Custom Card Game?

  1. Find the best price by changing the size and quantity to suit
  2. Select from standard card stocks of 300-350gsm or try textured or specialty metallic stocks
  3. Choose if you need a celloglaze coating (highly recommended to protect cards from marking)
    Celloglaze also produces the best proffesional feel and finish and can be either - Matt, Gloss or Velvet 
  4. Use the File Centre to upload your predesigned artworks as one combined pdf or add all cards to a zip file - if you have no design capabilities, you can use our free online design tool to custom make your playing card designs (front & back any number of variations)
  5. Confirm your options and pay online

Custom Board Game Cards and Token Printing

If you're looking to self publish, design or build your own custom board game, eprint can help bring your vision to life. ePrint can custom print game tokens and specialty game cards in any shape, style or size to suit all needs. We can print rounded corner playing cards or die cut board game tokens to any shape. 

Novelty Card Game Printing

If you're looking to custom make a card game for a gift, our custom card game printing calculator can also give you the best options for small quantity print runs. Our card printing is done digitally which allows for any quantity card printing. 

Self Publish Board Game Prototype Printing

We can help put together your board game or card game protoypes for self publishing.

Packaging & Game Card Boxes To Fit

We offer Tuck Boxes and 2 Piece Lid Boxes to fit your stacks. In regards to the boxes, the length, width and height of the stack will determine the dimensions of the box. This will be calculated for you and we will provide a custom template to fit. This can be arranged prior to order or after.

Downloadable Templates

Download free templates to assist you in creating your artwork.

Custom Size

Product Review

11 Feb, 2021 13:10
Round card decks

so happy with my new cards (giggle game) and comunication around design and speedy delivery thank you!

11 Feb, 2021 10:17
I couldn't be happier! Perfect product and service

What an amazing experience to order from ePrint! Their customer service prior to the order being placed was top-notch, and the quality of the cards I ordered was up there with those in my professionally published board games. I can't recommend them enough. A huge bonus is that they're a local business, not an overseas mega-corporation. I'll definitely be using ePrint again in the future.

18 Sep, 2020 22:25
These cards were a "print & play" set that has bee

Resolution Management: AUSPOST has misplaced original shipment. "Thank you so much. This is exceptional service, both the fast response and the offer to reprint and send, when you’re not at fault. I greatly appreciate this."