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Rounded Edge
Bevel Edge
Insert Frame Edges
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Wine Labels (Kiss Cut)

(best for rounded edges and custom shapes)

Bone White - Ivory - Cream - Kraft


Custom Size

Use the Height and Width boxes to calculate your sticker size.
Min: (40 x 40) Max: (435 x 315)


All Quantites

Any quanity can be ordered.
The more you get, the cheaper per unit - standard sliding scale.


Supplied On a Sheet

Stickers are supplied on a sheet.
Best for rounded edges or custom shapes.


Gold or Silver Foiling Available

Foil layer must be supplied as a separate file in 100%K (black)

Ensure foil layer perfectly alligns with print layer


Colour to the Edge

Standard with this product.
Please add 2mm bleed to your supplied file to achieve this result.