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Colour Plan Printing

Plan Printing in Brisbane

Same Day Service | Printed to 100% Scale

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Colour Plan Ink Coverage

Colour drawings are charged at a coverage percentage per page:

Line: 20% ink coverage and under

Medium: Between 20% and 40%

High: Above 40%







Types of Plan Printing

Construction Plans

Printing from PDF as the universal standard gets the best results. 

Dress Patterns

Dress patterns are usually supplied to us in an A0 format, we guarantee scale to be 100% correct as we know how important this detail is to the process. Oversize or longer prints can be ordered by selecting: Custom Size.

File Formats Accepted

We prefer the industry standard PDF file format for printing the best results. Our file upload system can accept files up to a total size of 50mb. It will also accept .zip or .rar files for combined printing.