We have prepared the following guide to assist you with your electronic file preparation and submission. If you have a specific problem that is not covered in this guide, or have other questions, please feel free to contact us on 07 3866 9600 or leave a message on our chat line. Improperly prepared files can cause delays in manufacturing and we will contact you if additional charges need to be applied.

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Setting your Artwork Up for Print

Convert all text to outlines
Make sure your artwork is in CMYK (Print) colour mode and not RGB (Screen) colour to ensure the most accurate colour print. Convert all your text to outlines so nothing changes when printed. Make sure your artwork has an extra 3mm of bleed on each side for colour to the edge prints. Anything touching the edge needs to be stretched to the 3mm bleed. 

Keep all text and logos inside the safe area (3mm from the trimmed edge on each side) to avoid having anything accidentally trimmed off. 

Please supply your final artwork without trim marks.

Areas of solid black should be in printer's or rich black (C:60 M:50 Y:50 K:100) for a true black print.  All text needs to be in 100% black(C:0 M: 0 Y: 0 K:100)  for crisp, clean results.